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Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
On VRP platform, which command is used to set up data link layer encapsulation type to HDLC on the Serial port?

A. encapsulation hdlc

B. link-protocol hdlc

C. hdlc enable

D. link-protocol ppp

Answer: B

As shown in the configuration, the administrator configures OSPF in R1, but on R1 learning is less than other routers routing, the possible reason is? (select three answers)

[R1] ospf

[R1-ospf-1] area 1

[R1-ospf-1-area-] network

A. the router configuration of regional ID is different from its neighbor router ID

B. the router without authentication function, but the neighbor router is configured with the authentication function

C. the router configuration, without configure OSPF process

D. the router in the OSPF configuration without the network of connected neighbors

Answer: ABD

A switch receives a data frame with a VLAN tag, but found in its MAC address table can’t find destination MAC address of the data frame, then the switch to the data frame processing behavior is ( ).

A. switch will broadcast the data frames to all ports

B. switch will broadcast the data frames to all ports (in addition to receiving port) belonging to the data frame in the VLAN

C. switch will broadcast the data frames to all Access ports

D. switch will discard the data frame

Answer: B

An error occurred when customers access to the FTP server, checked and found the connectivity between the server and the client is no problem, which server port is blocked that may be a problem caused?(select 2 answers)

A. 21

B. 80

C. 20

D. 50649

Answer: AC

<Huawei>display startup


Startup system software: sd1:


Next startup system software: sd1:


Backup system software for next

startup: null

Startup saved-configuration file:


Next startup saved-configuration

file: null

Startup license file: null

Next startup license file: null

Startup patch package: null

Next startup patch package: null

Startup voice-files: null

Next startup voice-files: null

The above is the AR2200 router’s display startup information, about this information, which statement is wrong?

A. the running configuration file is not saved

B. in this startup, the system file that the equipment used is ar2220-v200r003c00spc200.cc

C. the system files cannot be modified when the equipment in the next startup

D. the system files can use the named "startup system software<startup-software-name>, cc" to modify during the equipment next startup

Answer: C

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